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HOUSE OF REP COUNTERS, also known as The Magical Valley is a place that is created to aid in transforming individuals through fitness. The gym is often one of the most intimidating places for new comers. We wanted to create a place that is the exact opposite. Our trainers are experienced not only in their craft but also to help provide an engaging platform that allows the group to encourage and motivate one another through training. Physical transformations are meaningless if your well-being is affected. So be a unicorn instead!

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Project X

Project X is a 10 week program to help you get started on fitness!

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Nutritionally Guided

Throughout the entire process, your dedicated rep counter will be guiding you on nutrition for your goals. How do we facilitate this aspect? We get the clients to send us photos on what they consume on a day to day basis. Our rep counters will provide commentary to help you keep your nutrition on track.

Steps to Clock

We have been a big advocate in getting people to clock steps! Clocking steps remain an integral part of a persons life for many reasons.

1. Increasing NEAT also known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Which forms part of your metabolism. Keeping steps in your life, will help to keep metabolism high. 

2. Stress Relief

3. Increase energy levels 

4. Reduces mortality 

There's just so much more!

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Workout Plan

You will be provided with a workout plan and schedule. In most cases, the workout plan will be progressive home based workouts. But if you have a gym available to you, a gym workout plan will be provided to you. Incorporating resistance training also remains an integral part of a persons life for healthy bones, connectivity tissues and muscle.

Personal Training Sessions

10 personal training sessions which consist of a full body resistance based training. Training with the PT is only once per week this helps to keep commitment minimal to the gym and also brings down the overall cost involved. Typically more sessions attended per week will equate to a much higher cost. We empower individuals to train on their own with the work plan provided.

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Past Client Experiences

Read past client reviews to discover how our trainers has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they seeked it, and you can do the same. Fill out the form below and book your initial consultation today.


Terrance is an excellent personal trainer who focuses not only on getting you the results you need but also on your diet. He ensures that it is holistic and nutritious at the same time to give you the results you want!

Doctor Shivani Durai


To Terrence, my mentor, friend, trainer, listener, and professional rep counter:

The good trainer gets you to what you want, the great trainer gets you to be more than what you think you can achieve, both mentally and physically.

Thank you for being that great trainer. Thank you for mentoring me on to get ready for my ACE CPT certification. This is my first review after training with him since mid-February 2019. He is always encouraging, even if you only progress for 1%, and he made me gain a better understanding of fitness and eating habits. Most importantly, he truly cares about my progress and my challenges. He is not one who gives up on you if you are willing to take the first step.

He wakes up early just to meal prep for his clients, he makes time to accommodate his clients, and I admire him for his spirit to help those in need. And he knows his stuff - he researches about diets, mode of training etc.

For those who are keen to take the first step, please seek him out. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

I will post my 2nd review in Sept when I lose my remaining 6kg. :P

Terrence, thank you.

Low Wei Li


Great gym with great trainers. Non-intimidating space for gym noobs like me. Terrance Cheong was my trainer and he taught me proper lifting techniques and gave me exercises that helped with my handstand balance. I really enjoyed the versatile training, with emphasis not just on strength but flexibility as well.

Sri Ranjini Mei Hua

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Become a Unicorn!

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