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Personal Training - Qi Xin's 5 Week Weight Loss Transformation

Thinking of shedding the fat off in 5 weeks?

Here is our client Qi Xin, a mother of 2 whom came to us with a very determined attitude to get into shape and feel the confidence. She dedicated the past 5 weeks to get back her youth. The transformation was amazing but her dedication to making a difference for herself was the most amazing part of the whole journey.

Going through a crash course is something we do recommend as usually most people whom embark on a crash course usually bounce back. However, she was returning to the workforce and we only had 5 weeks to get her back into shape. We have provided her with the right education for her to maintain her activity levels with adequate nutrition.

We did personal training 3 times a week with planned nutritional guidance and the occasionally rehab for postural correction. 5 weeks later, with pure commitment and dedication she lost 9kgs. It was the first time in 6 years since she has been below 50kgs, she couldn't been any happier.

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